25 September, 2015

European Day of Languages

It's been a busy week at Sudbury Primary School! We have been celebrating the European Day of Languages!

The European Council established the European Day of Languages to highlight the important value of language learning. This day aims not just to support multilingualism, but also to promote, understand and spread the linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe.

In Sudbury, we learnt some facts and useful information from each country looking at this "Passport to the European Union". 

We also ordered the "Languages take you farther" leaflets. They show common expressions for each European Language and numbers 1 to 10. The children created some posters with words and sentences in the language of their choice.

Our younger pupils have learnt how to say hello in different languages. They have also been looking at flags from different countries.

Do you know the names of the European countries? Play the Euro map-game.

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