20 January, 2016

Our French buddy, Toto

Mrs. Rivas was invited to talk about Toto, our French puppet at the last conference of the Asociation for Language Learning ALL.

The puppet represents the stereotype of a French person, so we talk about stereotypes in class and we know that obviously not everybody in France wear striped t-shirts, berets and have a moustache. But having him in class is lovely and speaking in the target language is less daunting when the children talk to Toto!

Toto is also opening the pupils's eyes to French culture. Whenever he travels to France with Mrs. Rivas he shows the landmarks and specialities of the region in a video. Sometimes, we have a post-holiday show-and-tell with artifacts and food!

We love the whole Toto theme in our lessons, so we even have flashcards with Toto, stickers and certificates.

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