13 February, 2016

Recycling - Le tri sélectif

Years 3 and 5 have learnt about recycling and le tri sélectif this term.
Year 3 have been looking at the names of recycling materials and containers.

 Year 5 have been looking at the names of the recyclable / non recyclable objects. In listening, they had to listen to a text and match each waste to the correct bin. They have also written some paragraphs about le tri selectif and where to throw each item. Finally, they have created some fantastic discs on card to inform people about recyclable and not recyclable waste.

We have used a lot of authentic resources like adverts, booklets and interactive games.

Songs and chants about environment and recycling

Jeu des 7 familles

Choose the correct bin

À trier / n'est pas triable

Compte et choissis les emballages

Recyclables / ordures ménagères

Le tri en formes

Cahier de l'élève: Moi, je trie!

Dossiers pédagogiques sur le recyclage

La vie en recyclé

Story: Voyage chez les tatoujetés

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