11 March, 2016

School subjects

The pupils of year 6 would like to send another letter to their French penpals soon. In preparation, they are learning about school subjects, as they want to tell the CM2 at École Providence (Paris) and the CM2 at École Maurice Tollemar (Gonneville) all about the subjects they like the most and the ones they like the least.

We first looked at the names of the subjects in French and realised that most of them are cognates. That is easy! However, we have to remember the gender of the words in order to include them in full sentences.

Then, we practised expressing our opinions about subjects and included connectives to extend our sentences. We used flashcards and emoji faces to build human sentences. Look at the picture below, can you think of the sentence we said in class? Click on the white spot to listen to the Year 6 talking about their favourite subjects.

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