22 May, 2016

Visit from École Maurice Tollemer

Last Thursday our pen pals from Gonneville came to visit us at Sudbury Primary.

We have been writing letters and sending videos to École Maurice Tollemer since November so we were really looking forward to meet them!
In the morning, we held an Assembly where we showed them a presentation about London in English and a presentation about our school in French. We also performed a French poem about London landmarks.

Amarah and Isa showed them our British travelling box and explained why we included each of the items in the box.

The French children presented their Boîte Normande and talked about the gifts, food specialities and leaflets inside. In addition, they sang one song in English and one song in French.

After the assembly, the children played games and talked to each other in French and in English.
The Year 6s used their cocottes (chatterbox) to ask them questions in French.

In the meantime, some of the Year 6 children gave a tour of the school to our guests. The tour was in French and they used expressions like voici la salle sensorielle, ici on développe nos cinq sens.

We then had lunch together, the French pupils brought their own panier-repas (pack lunches) and we played together outside.

We wanted our French friends to experience British traditions, so we also had a cream tea with them (with Squash instead of the tea). They loved scones and shortbread!

It was such a fantastic experience! Lots of intercultural understanding, French and English speaking, fun and friendship between two schools from different countries.

Un très grand merci pour votre visite Maurice Tollemer!

On reste en contact! 

 Denim class with our pen pals
Steel class with our pen pals
Marine class with our pen pals
Azure class with our pen pals

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