01 June, 2016

Les orteils n'ont pas de nom

Last month most of the students in Year 6 went on their residential trip and we had one French lesson with the few children that didn´t go on the trip.

I planned a lesson around the book "Les orteils n'ont pas de nom", a really funny story where the toes want to decide their own names.

The vocabulary in the book is simple and there is some repetition in each page, so other year groups will be able to understand the story too. You can work on the vocabulary about numbers, fruits, musical notes, letters and colours.

After reading the story, the pupils had to come up with new names for each toe. They could use their imagination to create abstract names, they could use the bilingual dictionary or name them with words that they already know and then, they had to draw and illustrate one foot with the names they had chosen for each toe.

You can adapt the level of this activity easily, as your students can even introduce each toe and include all the structures and vocabulary that they know.

I hope you and your students enjoy this story as much as we did!

Check Natta Lingo´s blog to get more ideas and resources to work with this and many other stories.

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