28 September, 2016

Vive la rentrée!

Welcome back to our blog!

We hope you had a lovely Summer and that you are enjoying your first weeks at school.

We have been busy this rentrée des classes at Sudbury. We have watched some videos to recap on our French vocabulary. Some year groups learnt about French school routines and phrases related to school life. Here is the video with Papo the Parrot.

The older pupils have watched Let me introduce myself, where a British student, Ben, meets some children from Marseille. They revised some expressions to greet and introduce themselves and they looked at the streets and the buildings in Marseille, comparing them to the ones in London.

Finally, we have been practising our French classroom expressions so that we keep on speaking French in class!

Have a look at the activities we did for la rentrée last year.

More about speaking in the target language.

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