19 October, 2016

Homme de Couleur

Today Year 6 have read the poem "Homme de couleur" by Léopold Sédar Senghor.

We read a brief biography and understand why Léopold Sédar Senghor is an important writer and politician in the history of Sénégal and why we were going to read one of his poems to celebrate
Black History Month.

Before reading the poem, we looked at the different verbs we use in French in expressions like "I am cold, I am hungry, I am scared".

Then, the students had to listen to the story and put the sentences of the poem in the correct order.
We checked our work and read aloud the sentences in French, then, translated them in English.

The children loved the story and demonstrated great reading strategies by looking at pictures, decoding unknown words and trying to understand the meaning of the sentences even if they didn´t know all the vocabulary or verbs.

They also looked at the different verb tenses in the poem and inferred which verbs where in past, present or future tense. In addition, they noticed the different endings for the je form and the tu form. In year 6 we are learning a lot about conjugation!

It was a fun lesson and Year 6 loved the poem and understood the message straight away.
We hope you like the poem too!

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