06 November, 2016

Body parts

Year 4 have learnt body parts in French, remembering also the masculine, feminine and the plural

The children learnt an authentic French song, Jean Petit qui danse. They loved singing the song and dancing with Jean Petit! Can you sing along and dance with Jean Petit?

We also read a French story about un monstre effrayant but we are not scared about the monster anymore - Tu ne me fais pas peur! So... go away! Va-t'en grand monstre vert!

In grammar, we looked at the position of the adjective and the adjectival agreement in French.
We learnt that we need to look at the article to know the gender and number of a noun and that the adjective agrees with the noun in gender and in number. It's a bit tricky but Year 4 mastered it and wrote amazing sentences about their own monsters!

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