01 May, 2017

Toto in Toulouse

Toulouse is a charming and vibrant city in the South of France. It is the 4th largest city in France and it is known as "La ville rose" (the pink city) due to the pinkish bricks in its architecture.

Toto has travelled to Toulouse this Spring holidays and has visited some of the landmarks of the city, like the Basilica of Saint Sernin and the Capitol. He has also been to Carcassone, an impressive fortified medieval city that was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

As you know Toto likes trying the specialities of the region in his travels. This time, he found some yummy Easter treats in the chocolateries (chocolate shops): poissons au chocolat, cloches au chocolat, poules au chocolat and of course oeufs et lapins au chocolat. In addition, Toto tried le pâté au canard (duck pâté) and la casserole (a regional casserole made with white beans, sausage and duck breast).

Check the video and find Toto writing with a XIX century fountain pen in the workshop ("atelier d'écriture avec plume et encre violette") that he attended when he visited the Musée de l'École in Carcassone.

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