03 June, 2017

Activities around Japan

In Summer 1, the whole school topic was "Countries Project". Each year group focused on a continent and each of the classes studied a country on that continent.

This is one of my favourite topics, as you can be so creative with your planning. I also like "Countries project" because the last day of the half term we celebrate "Travelling week" at Sudbury and we get to go to different classrooms and learn about a lot of countries. There is a presentation, a performance, activities and crafts and even food!

Year 4 focused on Asia and I decided to plan a series of activities around Japan.

We listened to the song "Le petit japonais"and practise our listening skills indentifying some vocabulary.

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We also learnt some facts about Japan. I used a fantastic book that I found in Paris two years ago.



I planned a carrousel activity where the children, in groups, had to read a short paragraph in each station and use their language skills to understand information about the typical dish, sports, greetings, clothes etc. Some children even translated the text into English!

On the following lesson, we created minibooks with all the facts that we learnt about Japan.

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