12 June, 2017

Les Amérindiens - Native Americans

Two years ago I found a beautiful book about a Native American in one of my travels to Lille.

I thought I could use it when Year 3s learn about the Americas and I couldn´t resist to buy it.

I hadn´t used the book yet, but last term, I finally planned some activities to teach a unit on Les Amérindiens.

We first located Les Amérindiens in the frise historique or time line, located them in the map and learnt about how they used to live.

We practised listening to the French words related to their way of life and customs while playing bingo.

We also learnt an authentic song about un petit indien called Nagawika. This is a song that French children learn at school!

un petit indien nagawika (officiel audio and... by dm_51a0a978942d1

Finally, we read Heyo and learnt some frequency verbs. The story has some repetition (Je suis Heyo, un Lakota; je suis un bon chasseur, je suis un bon cavalier; je suis un bon pisteur) so it works really well to introduce the form Je suis + adjective.

The children created beautiful minibooks about Heyo, we hope you like them!

Next year we will also learn the story of the Native American Pocahontas.

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